Waist Bead FAQ's

Waist Bead FAQ's

What sizes do waist beads come in? 

Waist bead sizes

XS 20-25 inches

S 26-31 inches

M 32-37 inches

L 38-42 inches

XL 43-48 inches

XXL 49-54 inches

XXXL 55-60 inches

Where did waist beads come from? 

Waist beads have been a part of tradition for African women however many believe this tradition originated from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. 

Can I shower and exercise in waist beads? 

Yes. You can wear waist beads in the shower and also while exercising however excessive water can weaken the string over time but they will still be durable. Also please be mindful that excess water can also change the color of the beads depending on which bead is worn on your body.

Why are my waist beads breaking off? 

It is natural for your waist beads to break off your body. Do not panic. You can try to save the beads to tie them back together or you may have to purchase a new one. Please be careful when attaching your beads unto your body and be mindful when they are on your body to prevent them from breaking off easily


How do I take off waist beads? 

Use scissors or a sharp knife to remove the waist beads off your body. If you cut the bead in the same place that you tied them you will be able to retie them on your body


What are waist beads used for? 

Waist beads are used for various reasons but why they are worn depends on the receiver's intended purpose to put them on their body. 

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