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I started the beginning process to my spiritual and healing journey at the end of 2020. This is when I knew I was in full depression and I also knew I didn't want to stay there. I had started meditating but really had no idea why I was doing it. I started learning about Chakra gemstones and what they could do for you. I learned about Rose quartz, amethyst, and black obsidian. Started making my first chakra bracelet and named it Royal Lioness.

I put on my first handmade Chakra bracelet hoping that it would do for me what my prior first Chakra bracelet did for me when I put on my first handmade bracelet I felt the chakra energy of the bracelet.

I loved it so much I started making bracelets for my kids first, than family, and my closest friends at that time. I wanted them to experience what I had just created and see how it would help them. From there I was constantly learning about Chakra, Gemstones, & Crystals.

I was still only thinking at the time though that my business was about the jewelry. I have learned that my business is not just a "Jewelry business" we are a business that is dedicated to helping others on their journey.

Spiritual Healing Tools

This collection is a collection of spiritual healing tools for your journey. 

The Woman Behind the Brand

What you need to know

Lioness Creation Designs doesn't fit into that mold of just a generic busines and it never has. Do I create handmade Chakra jewelry? Yes but, Lioness Creation Designs provides so much more than jewelry. We are all about helping you on your spiritual journey and finding your true self. We have even created for you a monthly subscription box that has tools to help you on your spiritual journey.

We provide a private Facebook community page about Chakra, spirituality, and Love Chakra & Love Healing and also we now even have a podcast on Spotify, Anchor, Amazon, Apple, & Google where we talk all things love, life, spirituality, family, and motivation.

Lioness Creation Designs is unlike any other business' because we love and appreciate our clients and their feedback and love sending love notes with every order or even around the holidays you might get a love note. Make sure you check out our Facebook community, business page, website,or podcast.

  • Chakra & Love Healing the Podcast

    Chakra & Love Healing the Podcast is a weekly podcast that comes out every thursday @ 5 Am Est. It is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Podcast, & Anchor. Catch updates on our brand new site!

    Podcast Updates 

Jewelry, Hair accessories & Spiritual Tools!

Zodiac Collection

A collection of charm bracelets, necklaces, and chakra bracelets with your zodiac!