How did we get started?

How did we get started?

The Unique Chakra Bracelet

My very first Chakra bracelet. Originally I just wanted to make Chakra bracelets because I had so much stress, but I loved it so much I made this first one for my daughter. Then I thought...

What if...

What if I made another one for my youngest son how would that go? We then came up with another design one a boy or man might appreciate. And he loved me so much I thought my 16 year old son might also like one!


Guess What!

I was right and he loved his bracelet even more! Once I saw that people loved them and wanted them I thought.. What if I could heal and help with stress through my Chakra bracelets? I just knew that the feeling I was having of excitement this was the journey that I needed and that you needed as well.


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