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Lioness Creation Designs

Royal Lioness Chakra Bracelet

Royal Lioness Chakra Bracelet

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Lioness Creation Designs  is a new brand of empowering jewelry designed to make you feel good! Our mission is to continue to design and create beautiful, unique statement jewelry which encourages women to feel confident and beautiful inside and out. Our inspiration for this piece was the powerful chakras in our bodies. Each Chakra stone has been paired with a gemstone that promotes positive energy for that specific chakra zone. Hold the Royal Lioness Chakra Bracelet in your hand and let its natural energy draw you in and remind you of your inner healing force. Be confident and be empowered. You Can DO It!

Included in this bracelet: Tiger Eye Stone, Red Agate Gemstone, Pink Rose Quartz, Amethyst Gemstone.  





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